• Cord Harper

Work expectations are negotiable.

What does that mean? Everything involved with what will be expected of you in doing the job can be negotiated to allow flexibility in getting it done.

It doesn't mean the employer will automatically give it to you. But you don't get if you don't ask.

What are some of the work expectations? The working hours are an example. If you need to leave earlier than 5:00 to accommodate a family need perhaps you can start your day earlier, take a shorter lunch or work a few evenings to make up for the time.

The number of days can also be negotiated. Working four 10-hour days versus 5 days a week. Then you can have Friday or Monday off.

Negotiating for more paid time off is also possible. If the company policy is for 3 weeks of PTO for new employees, you might be able to make the case with your experience you are accustomed to 4 weeks of PTO.

The scope of work is also negotiable. Perhaps you want to keep your hand in an area that is not part of this job description it can be worked out to do so.

There are so many possibilities to negotiate in work expectations. It really comes down to identifying what you want and making the case as to how this can work for your new employer.

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