• Cord Harper

Where would your ship take you?

The day dreams come along when you feel like you are marooned on an island. You're stuck in a job that doesn't ignite your passions, or worse, you don't have a job. The ship is there to take you to your next career destination.

The captain calls out from the deck. "Climb aboard, lad. Where we headin'?"

You pause and just stare back at him. After several seconds you reply, "I don't know. No one's ever asked me that."

Then you realize, it's been many years since you last actively looked for a job. The jobs always seemed to find you. The career progression was essentially a series of island hops. They were either a short swim from one to the next or a band of warriors in long canoes enticed you away with better crabs and coconuts.

This ship looks like it could go anywhere. It has many sails, an experienced captain and crew, navigational charts. Those other destinations were always too far, out of reach. You didn't have the resources or skills to make it happen. Now, the possibilities are endless.

The sailboat in our company logo and the name Endeavor have meaning. We are here to help people reach their destinations. Your ship has come in. Where will it take you?

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