• Cord Harper

Wednesday anecdote: HR leader becomes Chief People Officer.

When she first came aboard as a client she was frustrated. Though she had enjoyed a successful career as a human resources leader she had yet to work for an organization that truly valued the role. Her previous companies always viewed her as a junior member of the leadership team.

"While the title is important," she shared, "it needs to mean something. I want to find a company that values the position and wants a real people strategy."

This was more than just looking for the next job. It was about finding her career destination. "Companies with that kind of culture attract top talent," I advised. "It will be intensely competitive and require a lot of work for you to succeed. Are you ready to make that kind of commitment?"

She said she was. It took a while. The first several opportunities just weren't the right fit once we peeled back the layers to see what they were about. She was a finalist for another one that looked amazing but they went with another sharp leader. But, she stayed after it and landed a great job at the kind of company she wanted.

She claimed her seat at the C-Suite table.

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