• Cord Harper

There's a powerful charge of positive energy when you help a friend

There's a powerful charge of positive energy when you help a friend, or even someone you don't really know well. Simple things can add tremendous benefit to the giver of the help.

Holding a door open for someone at the store, giving a colleague a ride to the repair shop to retrieve their car, helping someone finish a big project to meet a deadline are some examples. The receiver of the help is usually very thankful. It made a difference for them. But the giver receives a strong dose of positive energy in return.

I love it when we get referrals for our services. Of course it helps our business grow. But more than that, it feels great to hear one of our clients tell their friends, family and colleagues about something that will help them. When I visit with my client to thank them for the referral you can hear the joy in their voice.

We all come across people who need help on a regular basis. Do we take the time to hold the door for them or pitch in to help on a project? Or, do we mind our business and move on?

If you know someone looking for the job they truly want, we are happy to help. Help a friend improve their life.

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