• Cord Harper

The rule of 3 no's

. Sylvia Acevedo, the CEO of the Girl Scouts, talked about this powerful rule that has shaped her life on a Freakonomics podcast I heard recently. It works wonders.

Have you ever tried to say no to a Girl Scout selling cookies? It's really hard! It's not just that they are adorable and they are tugging on your heart strings. It's also not simply because the cookies they sell taste amazing. The main reason is that they are persistent. They don't take the first no and quit in most cases.

Most people have a hard time working up the courage to ask even once. I bet fewer than half of all people can do this on more than just the rare occasion.

The numbers drop like crazy after the first no. Likely fewer than 10% of those who asked the first time can brush themselves off and go back at it.

A third time? Rare cats indeed. Are they just gluttons for punishment or have they learned a true secret of success? I posit it's more of the latter versus enjoying the rejection.

What pushes them past is the knowledge that the likelihood of success actually increases dramatically the more times you ask. They will endure the agony of rejection to achieve the goal.

Find the courage of an 8 year old girl and master the rule of 3 no's.

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