• Cord Harper

The little voice inside your head is telling you it's time for change.

The job isn't getting any better. There's no room for growth as the people above you aren't likely to leave any time soon. Or worse, there are signs a reorganization might be on the horizon.

Sometimes the little voice inside our head isn't so little. It might even have a megaphone.

We all see the signs and hear the whispers of our conscience. However, we tend to silence the voice of our conscience because what it is saying makes us uncomfortable. We don't want to have to go through the inconveniences that change will bring.

Should you continue ignoring the little voice? Or should you listen to it and proactively take steps toward your next move?

Inconvenience and a little discomfort are small prices to pay in comparison to the urgent upheaval that occurs when change is thrust upon you. It's much easier to take the active steps when you're not in the middle of a personal crisis, such as being unemployed.

You can only ignore the inner voices for so long. Once they reach for the megaphone it's time to act.

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