• Cord Harper

The dedication required to become the best at something is intense.

The documentary I watched this weekend was a prime example of this. Roger Smith honed his craft under the guidance of the world's best watchmaker, George Daniels, in the movie, The Watchmaker's Apprentice.

The watches created by these two gentleman go beyond the simple function of telling the time. They are works of art. Each tiny piece is hand made by the individual watchmaker. Hand tools are used to machine each minuscule part while the watchmaker stares at it through customized glasses to magnify.

Their work is all encompassing. Twelve hour days are the norm. RW Smith's first watch took him more than two years to complete. When he took it to his eventual mentor, George Daniels, he rejected it. It wasn't good enough. The next watch took him more than 5 years to complete. This one carried the day and earned him an apprenticeship. Today his watches sell for an average of $275,000.

Perseverance. Dedication. Hard work. Very few people can go more than a few weeks with this kind of effort and focus. Mastery requires years of it. Rising to the top levels of any profession requires mastery of the craft.

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