• Cord Harper

"If you had a word of advice for a future Endeavor client...."

"If you had a word of advice for a future Endeavor client to help them find the career success they wanted using our process, what would you share?"

It's a question we ask at the end of our process. We debrief with clients to gain their insights. We want to know what they value most. We also need to know what didn't go as well. It's a focus on constant improvement.

"Perseverance," he said. "It always takes longer than you realize. It's a marathon and not a sprint and you have to keep the pace."

Great advice. It's the same advice we share with clients at the beginning. This client, a CEO who just started his new job turning around a family owned business,, had a fantastic outcome. But, it wasn't without a lot of work on both our parts. There were challenges along the way.

"The first 30 days there's a lot of activity, so many things to do," the client shared. "We rebuilt all the marketing materials. I loved the new resume. Training on the interview model and mastering the value proposition was valuable. The next few months, searching for jobs, seemed to slow down. It was great having an agent working with me to keep me going."

The best things in life don't come easy. They take a lot of work and time. Persevere!

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