• Cord Harper

I'm the weird cat who loves Mondays.

Yes, we do exist though we are probably an endangered species. The Monday haters can be pretty vicious and we have to be very careful how much enthusiasm we show before 10:00 AM on a Monday.

Why do I like Mondays? It's a fresh start. The whole week of possibilities lay ahead. I have the opportunity to see colleagues, hear about their weekends and talk about big things coming up.

I get the chance to reach out to clients, and prospective clients, to learn more about them and see how we can help them achieve what they want. It's like the dad in the movie, A Christmas Story, opening his crate containing "a major prize." He is giddy. "There could be anything in there!"

Mondays are great because I love what I do. I took a break from it over the weekend but now I get to do it all over again. Good stuff!

If you dread Mondays, or dread going to work, it's likely time for a change. You spend more of your awake time at work than anywhere else.

If you don't enjoy your job do something else, or somewhere else.

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