• Cord Harper

Her opening statement just wasn't working.

She knew it and was the first one to bring it up. "I just don't feel there's anything exciting about it," she said. "I know you said this is the most important part of the entire interview. How can I change it to make it more exciting?"

She was right. It sounded pretty generic and could have been substituted by any one of the other 5 candidates who were also invited to interview. This was for a C-suite position. The stakes were high and the competition was fierce.

"Here are my thoughts," I shared. The first few sentences were all about experience. It looked backwards to the past. It did not define who she is now or paint her into the role for which she was interviewing. Every candidate being interviewed was experienced.

The 3 strengths we recommended she highlight were very fuzzy and undefined. They needed to be more direct and be of great benefit for what that employer needed. They also should help differentiate her from others.

After a few minutes of revisions she had a much more powerful value proposition. Now she could nail the opening of her interview and get it started with a Pow!

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