• Cord Harper

Client anecdote: Sr. Director learned how to let people know she existed.

"I need more job leads," she said.

"How many applications are you sending per week," I asked? She said she was applying to 5-10 jobs each week. Some weeks there were more.

"No one is calling me for interviews. I have to apply to more jobs," she reasoned. The logic wasn't adding up. If 10 applications led to 0 interviews. How many interviews should she expect from 20 applications?

"Let's talk about what you do after you send in the application," I said. She either starts looking for more job postings or just waits for someone to reply.

The people who are invited for interviews normally come through the back door. The back door is accessed by starting conversations with people on the inside. These are people who can pull you through.

We talked about the tactics to use once she applied to a job. We helped her find quite a few people on the inside. We found their email addresses and wrote verbiage for her to send. Then she emailed them. Pretty soon she started securing interviews.

It wasn't magic. It was simply letting people know she existed. No human was even reading her applications. It's a lot of work but it yields results.

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