• Cord Harper

Client anecdote: Nearly two years without a job, executive finally landed what he wanted.

He came on board with us after looking on his own for almost a year and a half. The restructuring at his previous company sent him into a tailspin. The first six months weren't so bad because he had a severance check to fall back on. The next twelve were eating into his savings.

He hadn't interviewed in over 10 years. The elevator pitch he was using was more like a recitation of his resume that went on for more than 15 minutes. He didn't know how to address the growing gap in his work experience. The relocation question zapped him multiple times and he didn't even know it.

Questions about compensation expectations were an awkward mess. His resume was black and white with long blocks of text that made the brain shut down immediately and the LinkedIn profile had a grainy picture from several years before and very few connections.

The good news is that it was all fixable. It wasn't easy. There was initially some stiff resistance to making the changes. Once he let go and began making the needed changes he started to see improved results. He landed more interviews and progressed. In less than 5 months he landed his new job.

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